1. I’m not dead!

    Sorry that I’ve been like dead for a while. I got busy and then kept forgetting to get on tumblr! ): BUT DON’T WORRY! Mr. FancyPants is back and ready for questions!! :) …..sooo yeah COME AT ME BRO!

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  2. Ask box closed yet again!

    ((Im sorry everyone! I keep disappointing you guys a lot. And this time I closed the Ask Box since I’m having problems with school which might make me no graduate (its not my fault I done everything they told me to do) ……….So yeah….ask box is closed until I feel better or if school straightens up………))

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  3. ((Happy Valentine’s Day to the couples and Happy Singles Awareness Day to the singles!! :D lol)) 

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  4. photo

    ..part one of my room....


    Part 2 of my room.


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  5. ((HE DOES!!! >:3))

    ((HE DOES!!! >:3))

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  7. photo


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  8. ((Okay guys I’m back! and guess what!!! I’m getting a pet Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula!!  >w< I’m going to name her Agitha since she is a bug and all lol. so I might post a pic of her IF I get a good amount of likes on this lol! Hope u guys r not afraid of bugs!!))

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  9. Yeah I like to use daggers to hit from far away but&#8230; Swords are so much better&#8230; and more fun.

    Yeah I like to use daggers to hit from far away but… Swords are so much better… and more fun.

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  10. ((GOOD NEWS! I found my mouse! :B but sadly can’t answer questions since my family is dragging me around everywhere e_e i know u guys hate waiting but please wait a little longer! D: ))

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